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Relive the ’90s with a new Arsenio Hall-Shannen Doherty interview about 90210

There was a definite feeling of déjà vu on Thursday night’s Arsenio, when Hall interviewed Shannen Doherty. He asked her about Spelling and Priestly, alluding to their high-profile fights in the ’90s.

I will never tire of Brenda Walsh

On & On - Cassian

And it comes full circle

Tonight at the Vista Theater in Los Feliz there is a midnight showing of the film Swingers. It’s been 18 years since that movie was released. I saw Swingers and it had a HUGE impact on me. Those sites and locations were touchstones for me. I dare say it’s influenced a great many of my personal decisions.

My aunt was an aspiring actress in the 80’s and dated a director who lived in L.A., so I came out with my family a lot as a kid. I had the CUTEST head shots done as a little girl but they are no more. A different story. Anyway, L.A. was the closest big city so no big deal really but Swingers started my love affair with Hollywood (East of La Brea anyway). I partied here a lot in my early 20’s until I finally moved to Highland Park when I was like 27. Long story about living in different places short, I currently reside a mere two miles from the Vista Theater, the theater that held the Swingers premiere.

Have my life goals thus far been realized? Honestly, if that’s the case, and I need to devise new life plans, I’m okay with that. While I haven’t done everything on my L.A. bucket list, and I have wonderful, beautiful friends here, other experiences are out there to be had.

People who worry about celebrities are pretty fucking pathetic.

Another Vayable Tour!

Had a great Vayable tour on Sunday!

He was staying in West Hollywood, so we did a walking tour of Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo and lunch at Barney’s Beanery.

I love giving tours! Are you in L.A. or traveling here? Book a tour! :)

Tour L.A. - Metro Style

The Beatles - Blackbird

"Los Angeles is a town where status is all and status is only given to success. Dukes and millionaires and playboys by the dozen may arrive and be glad-handed for a time, but they are unwise if they choose to live there because the town is, perhaps even creditably, committed to recognising only professional success, and nothing else, to be of lasting value. The burdensome obligation imposed on all its inhabitants is therefore to present themselves as successes, because otherwise they forfeit their right to respect in that environment … There is no place in that town for the “interesting failure” or for anyone who is not determined on a life that will be shaped in a upward-heading curve."

― Julian FellowesPast Imperfect

You - Plej

Nina Simone, Felix Da Housecat - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat Heavenly House Mix)